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[column size=”4-6″]East and West of Fort Stockton on the South side of Interstate 10 are two large sculptured pieces by New Mexico Artist Brain Norwood. East of Fort Stockton stands “March to Fort Stockton.” This Piece depicts men of the Ninth U.S. Cavalry as they ride toward their post near Comanche Springs. In columns of two’s the men who would become known as “Buffalo Soldiers” follow their commanding officer and their Guidon as they Marsh to Fort Stockton.

West of Fort Stockton you will see “Look to the East” representing a small hunting party of Comanche as they pause to search for the few remaining buffalo in the area. Knowing soldiers could be ahead, their leader signs for the others to be aware of danger and “Look to the East”.[/column]

"Buffalo Soldiers" Sculpture

Fort2011I-10 Silhouettes