Annie Riggs Memorial Museum

Housed in an original adobe structure with territorial architecture  built  at the turn of the 20th century, the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum was originally a hotel and boarding house run by a frontier woman of the same name, the museum keeps house with the past, celebrating   yesteryear in Pecos County.

In the lobby, stern-faced sheriffs gaze down at the visitors signing the guest book. The desk from Sheriff A.J. Royal’s office whispers of his 1894 murder, a bloody chapter in the history of Pecos County. The house rules set by Annie Riggs are posted on the wall. Provisions were made for guests with no luggage, spitting on the floor, and the burning of light’s unnecessarily.

Historic Photo of Museum

The museum contains thirteen rooms including a parlor, dining room and kitchen recreated with original artifacts to appear much as they would have in Annie’s day. One guest room is furnished with a cast iron bed that was ordered from Sears & Roebuck in 1900 for a cost of $6.75, including freight.

Other rooms offer exhibits of the area’s vast and diversified history including Hispanic Heritage, religious culture, and the pioneering spirit. The Archeology Room displays the tusks of a Columbian Mammoth, projectile points, and related artifacts unearthed at an archeological site eight miles Outside of town. Visitors also learn of geologic formations of the Permian Basin, and why and where we have oil and gas.

Restored Kitchen inside the Museum

The Butz Room features a Wells Fargo strong box made of cast iron and the safe from Koehler’s Store with its hidden keyhole. The Cowboy Room celebrates the cowboy and ranching history of the region with saddles, bits and spurs, brands and barbed wire. The Temporary Exhibit Room has displays that change periodically, as well as an excellent mural depicting Pecos County history by artist Stylle Reed.

Visitors can experience a thriving desert garden at the back of the museum complete with inviting benches on the wrap-around porches and an interior courtyard with a restored buggy.


Every other Thursday night from June through August concerts are held on the museum patio. The outdoor programs are free and visitors are welcome. Call for information.


Courtyard at Annie Riggs

The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is open six days a week, and is located at the corner of Main and Callaghan. The museum is owned and operated by the Fort Stockton Historical Society. A small admission fee is collected upon entry at the Museum gift shop.


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